We deal exclusively with FCI Watermakers reverse osmosis systems. FCI has developed the most
complete, reliable, sophisticated and user friendly system in the market. Each unit goes through an
intensive testing before is release into the market and is built with the highest quality of materials for a long
lasting unit. FCI Watermakers come with the highest warranty in the market for any reverse osmosis
manufacturers and has a worldwide network of highly qualify dealers.
All Systems are available in a Framed or Modular configuration
Benefits of choosing an FCI Watermaker over any other brand:
  • More than 20 years in the market
    with a proven track record
  • Non Proprietary Membranes
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Worldwide dealer network
  • All systems include an automatic
    fresh water flush
  • Higher grade materials
  • Framed or Modular Systems for
    ease of installation
  • Dockside Water Treatment (DTS)  

Purified Dock Water. No Problem.

The FCI Dockside Treatment System (DTS) is a FCI Watermakers innovation specifically designed to treat dock
water while utilizing your existing watermaker pump and control system. Create purified drinking water, and enjoy
spot-free wash-downs from your dockside source at minimal cost. The FCI DTS add-on component is installed in-line,
and because no additional pumps or secondary system are necessary, installation is a breeze. The FCI Dockside
Treatment System encompasses all of the qualities and reliability you have come to know with FCI Watermakers.
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